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  • Oct 2018 - Present

How Do We Grow The Teams of TikTok: The World's Most Popular Social Media Platform

Hiring is more than recruiting a new employee, it is about building a new team. In the world of quickly growing startups and tech giants, hiring is becoming as important as a companies business model. In some cases like with TikTok hiring and recruiting is at the heart of their business model.

When we began our partnership with TikTok and its parent company ByteDance in 2018 TikTok began to rapidly expand. We helped them grow, creating strategies to help them structure and expand their teams. For TikTok which had quickly grown from a few million to over 1 billion users, they needed to create teams to support their infrastructure and introduce new features. In this case, we used our database and wealth of knowledge in recruiting to help them hire top-level tech talents, some of whom were taken directly from their competitors.

As TikToks user base and platform continued to expand so did their revenue. While TikTok had phenomenal success and traction they were having a hard time hiring enough qualified candidates. Our dedicated recruiting team and data analysts worked diligently to update our database and fill their roles.

We understood how critical it was to keep up with TikToks expansion and we worked around the clock to reach out to the smartest talents in the industry even targeting TikToks competitors. Fast-growing tech companies cannot afford to fall behind and need to ensure their candidates meet all their needs and are the right fit from the very beginning and we delivered. With our help, TikTok was successfully able to expand and continue to grow.

Whether you’re big or small recruiting new hires to help run new teams or expand your business can help you optimize your goods and services bolstering your company in the process. Imagine having that one additional team to help to grow your market and services to the next level. This is the success we’ve seen with TikTok which was created just 5 years ago and now has more than 1 billion users generating billions of dollars in revenue each year.

At OCInsights we have a mantra that we want to help you grow your business from within. Our advanced software systems put the best candidates at your fingertips, allowing you to find the right hire the first time by being able to look at their background, skills, and contact information within seconds. Whether you are the founder trying to expand your startup or you have a dedicated staff, OCInsights can help provide you with everything to meet your company hiring needs.
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