AI Recruiting Tools

OCInsights Provides AI-Powered Recruiting Infrastructure And Tools Allowing Recruiters To Find The Right Tech Talents Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

What Make Us Different

The Largest Open-to-opportunity High-end Talent Pool in the Tech Industry

We maintain the largest pool of open-to-opportunity and high-end tech talents in the US. Using OCInsights up to date data-base and contact info you can easily connect with all these candidates as quickly as possible.

Our Recommendations and Automation Help You Save 90% Sourcing Time

Through customized email sequences and LinkedIn notes, OCInsights automatically engages talents in your projects to help simplify the hiring process. AI-based talent recommendations also save time sourcing.

Unique Sourcing Filters Enable You to Significantly Improve Hiring Accuracy

We provide unique filters that other recruiting tools do not have such as diversity, entrepreneurship experience, tech domains, current teams and so on. They will boost your hiring efficiency, improve accuracy, and take the guesswork out of sourcing.

OCInsights Unique Filters


OCInsights includes filters for finding Female, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and military Veteran talents. These filters help you easily source candidates from underrepresented groups.


OCInsights filters for tech talents who have startup experience or have worked in fast-growing companies before. This filter will save your time in sourcing the talents who have entrepreneurship experience.

Tech domain

We have labeled and classified all the tech talents on our platform into 22 tech domains based on their title, skills, experience, and academic background. This filter provides you with a strong reference for sourcing the right talents for your technical positions.

Current team

This filter allows you to know what recruits are doing at their current companies in order to know whether they are a good fit for your opening.

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