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AI Talent Landscape in the U.S.

Scale and Trends
Overall size and growth of AI talents in the US
Sector Distribution
Distribution of AI talents across various sectors, such as Public, Private, Non-Profit, Academic
Domain Distribution
Distribution of AI talent by Research and Engineering
Industry Distribution
Distribution of AI talents across key industries such as media, games, biotech, design
Organization Distribution
Top 100 organizations with the most AI engineers

Analysis Report

Our reports offer in-depth insights into the recruitment industry, including talent acquisition, technology, and AI trends. Our collection provides detailed analyses of AI research, engineering, and product management talent, highlighting career dynamics at top tech giants and startups. 

Custom Research

We offer customized research services, customized tracking report, customized reports, meticulously tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements and guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

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Connection Service

OCInsights is a platform where you can connect with thousands of experts. We facilitate connections with AI talent, including leading professors from top U.S. universities, investors, and over 10,000 authors from prestigious conferences such as ICML, ICLR, NIPS, ICCV, and CVPR.

OCInsights is your gateway to a robust network of AI talent and industry leaders. Discover potential connections, stay informed with exclusive insights, and streamline your hiring process with our advanced tools and AI-powered recommendations. Join us to connect, learn, and grow in the dynamic world of technology and innovation.

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